Thursday, July 4, 2013

Will You God please ?

Oh my  God my God
I am only a paper boat
That flows along
The turbulent waves of sadness
Drizzling of  tears
When you will bless me ?
Say God please
Oh God
Oh I look inside me only
Why not I look the world
Through my eyes
Let God bless the sobbing world
Oh God my God

Will you  bless my graveyard please ?


  1. Dear Poet..these words are such beautiful words of a heart that is concerned for those around him...a true philanthropist resides within your caring heart and soul. The fact that you even write of these thoughts proves the passionate and loving man you are. Bravo! You are a true bard dear..Caroline

  2. thank you paru .muaaaaa .love you di

  3. No words can describe the beautiful feelings conveyed through this poetry.The question "when you will bless me?" is an innocent plea of the worshipper, well done!

  4. nice words, nice thoughts, instead of the line you have written, my first read was:" Oh God, My God!"
    really a spiritual write !


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