Friday, October 19, 2012


The death is not an end
It is a final Exam
Evaluating the whole life
If win
Someone realizes
The depth of absence
If fail
Just become
A framed still picture
On the wall 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Dewdrops glimmer on the meadow
Experiencing the great joy and happiness
Let your heart glimmer
In love and happiness


Happiness will never come 
To visit you 
Go and enter into their kingdom 
And feel the true spirit of life 


A pearl shell is not so attractive 
but the pearl inside,
is precious and gorgeous 
let break the shell of
Jealousy in you .


Saturday, October 13, 2012


It is my habit now 
To awake in the morning 
Listening to the song 
That a cuckoo sings 
Whether it cries 
I do not know 
Whether it is singing 
I do not know 
But really I got a friend 
An unknown friend 


Unexpected summer rain 
Shattered all my dreams 
Floods in my paddy fields 
Makes all the crops rotting 
Perhaps it is God’s decision 
For blessing me with double crops 
In the next season. 

Friday, October 12, 2012


There is a huge and old 
Banyan tree in front of 
The temple in my village 
Sitting beneath it 
At every morning is 
My habit now 
But the devotees of the temple 
Visit me too 
As they think I am a GOD 
They offer me many things 
In fact I am an unemployed 
And decided to consume them 
Just for a living. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Fading memories
Forgotten past
Frozen Mind and spoiled dreams
I feel to hear the bells of death
The Chariot of God driven by White Horses
Started the journey
Who will cry?
Who will put a wreath ?
Who will fire my funeral ?
Who will put a light on my Graveyard?
Who will dismiss my ash in a holy River ?
I do not know .
That is the fate of a lonely Man as Me
That is the fate of a lonely Man as Me .



I want to speak
But no one to listen
I want to listen
But no one to speak .


I want a happy life 
Till my death 
So I think every night 
As my death 
And every morning 
As my rebirth 


Simple thoughts
Simple ambitions
Simple dress
Simple dreams
Simple food
Simple house
Simple friends
Simple life
I am happy


I do not know their name 
But they are my guest always
At every monsoon
Soon after the first shower falls
They will appear
My unknown guests, two tiny birds
Carrying pasty mud
From plowed paddy fields
They will make a beautiful nest
On the wooden ceiling of my house
No one here to disturb them
When the monsoon become weak
They will fly with new born chicks
May has died and June born today
I am eagerly waiting
To hear the bugle of thunder
Giving a warm welcome to the monsoon
And my unknown guests. 


Rain, falling of white pearls
From Heaven ,as the gift of God
Kids always are happy to play 

When it falls 
As they are also
The gift of God but parents
Always scolds them to refrain

Monday, October 8, 2012


I do not know his name 
But always like to see him
He is a small vendor of betel leaf 
At my village market 
He never wears a shirt and footwear 
Monday and Saturday, the market runs 
The Saturday market is my favorite 
Always I will be there on Saturday 
To buy and sell my cows and calves 
After settling my dealings 
I will go to a small toddy shop 
Where fresh coconut toddy gets 
That betel leaf vendor will always our 
Attraction there 
He is a good singer, though old, 
We are not drunkards 
It is only our leisure time 
In a week, after hard works


Don’t know her name 
But whenever I see her 
Always with a laughing face, 
Sitting beneath the shadow of 
A large oak tree, on a wheelchair, 
Doing painting on canvas mostly 
Rarely with making garlands in gems 
At first rarely we meet each other 
But gradually it becomes one 
Of my routine to walk on the way 
Beside her house only just to see her 
Nowadays I am very eager to know, 
But no way, did she make one time 
Even, paint my face on her canvas 
Or in her heart, I don’t know.


We just walk along 

The sandy shore at the beach 
I am so thrilled and the happiest 

As it is the first time 
She accompanies and appear with me 
Nothing we speak 
Silence, silence absolute silence 
Between us 
We took part in the play of kids 
Watched eagerly the sand castles 
And its creators 
Became kids whenever tide comes 
Still, we speak nothing 
But just at a look we shared 
Thousand words 
Just by a touch I enter in 
A magical world of dreams 
Is it love 
I do not know 
But I wish her presence always. 


A large Mango tree
That has a name
“Grandma's tree”
In every rainy season 
She would blossom,
My Aunty was so happy 
In preparing delicious pickle 
Using its tender fruits.
As soon as it began to ripen
I always prayed a breeze to come 
The cooling area beneath it was 
Venue of playing for kids 
But when my grandpa died
The elders in my family decided
To cut my Grandma’s tree 
As the firewood 
For burying his body .
Though I was a kid 
I embraced it in my tiny hands 
And cried so long 
Till I fell into sleep 
But I could save my ‘’grandma’s tree”
Still it is here, though rotten.

Haiku #22 (Life)

  in  the prison of time , a  prince of dreams  ; handcuffed with fate