Monday, October 8, 2012


We just walk along 

The sandy shore at the beach 
I am so thrilled and the happiest 

As it is the first time 
She accompanies and appear with me 
Nothing we speak 
Silence, silence absolute silence 
Between us 
We took part in the play of kids 
Watched eagerly the sand castles 
And its creators 
Became kids whenever tide comes 
Still, we speak nothing 
But just at a look we shared 
Thousand words 
Just by a touch I enter in 
A magical world of dreams 
Is it love 
I do not know 
But I wish her presence always. 


  1. Hmmm you got to be careful with grammar ..a good attempt , keep sharing !

  2. Thank you .It is true that it suffers some grammar crisis .jk


Haiku #22 (Life)

  in  the prison of time , a  prince of dreams  ; handcuffed with fate