Thursday, July 11, 2013

Street Prostitute

Unkempt hair
Distressed eyes 
Faded make up 
In sweating 
Smell of smoke
Of sticks
Used bottles 
Of liquors 
She sits tired behind
The veil of darkness
Waiting for another lusted 


  1. profoundly expressed the prostitutes image :)

  2. Very intriguing...I hadn't seen this one

  3. while my school days ,on all Fridays i would go to a church that is just near of my school.the railway station is so close to that church .there was an old and unused huge water tank ,used once for filling water for trains fueled by cokes .I had seen there some ladies standing beneath that water tank .i did not know why they stood there as waiting for someone ..i wrote this poem on that .love you di paru my caro muaaaaaaaaaaaaa .i love you my caro .my caro trillion kisses .your doll jk

  4. ok but hun if you didnt know why they there how did u know they were prostitutes hun please be bold for me

    1. while i became a teen .it is a poem on that fading faces


Haiku #22 (Life)

  in  the prison of time , a  prince of dreams  ; handcuffed with fate