Friday, March 22, 2013


Enjoying the fragrance spreading from 

The yellow flowers of my bitter guard plants 
And looking at the greenery of my paddy fields 
Every day I take a morning walk 
Early awaken , bees , dragonflies , birds 
And butterflies always give me a company 
Glimmering with morning rays 
The pond in the middle of my fields 
Looks as a golden crown 
On my way here is a stream that 
Always rushed to the ladies 
Bathing and washing their clothes 
That is a venue too discussing hot gossip 
Among them .They always wish me 
Calling as Jann , though I do not like it 
The road is always busy with my 
Hi , bye friends , most of them are 
Milkman carrying milk cans 
The songs from nearby KALI temple 
Always break the silence 
The Kali temple is my destination 
I will pray as every morning 
‘’Makes my life pleasant and happy’’ . 


  1. Beautiful is the heart that sings morning prayers! Love this so very much!

  2. very intriguing indeed..u never showed me this..i am not surprised though,..lovely


Haiku #22 (Life)

  in  the prison of time , a  prince of dreams  ; handcuffed with fate